Pocket change equals PROFIT! Most groups earn 50% profit with our delicious $1.00 chocolate candy bar fundraiser. Almost anyone has a $1 or $2 in their pocket at any given time, right? That is exactly the reason the Fundrazor chocolate candy bar fundraiser works so well. Fundrazor chocolate candy bars have more than just maximum profits in mind; they will make you popular and lose weight while eating them.  Actually our chocolate candy bars don’t make you popular or lose weight but they do taste amazing, are gluten free and made in a peanut free environment.


Each case contains 4 carriers

Each carrier contains (60) 1.5 oz. $1.00 candy bars

Candy Bar Varieties:

  • Almond: 20
  • Caramel: 16
  • Crisp: 10
  • Dark Chocolate: 8
  • Milk Chocolate: 6


  1. Contact Fundrazor and together we can plan a successful strategy to ensure you make the most money for your effort.candy bar fundraising
  2. Determine the amount your fundraiser should make based on the amount of money you need. Don’t have a goal? Make one and shoot a little higher than that. “Groups with no goals have no focus” (Fundrazor 2:15)
    • Break your goal down by the amount the amount of participants. For example: You want to raise $13,800 and your organization has 460 members or participants. Order 115 cases that have 4 carriers with each case containing 60 chocolate candy bars.
    • Order more if you have an active, supportive parent base. Sometimes, not each person will sell a carrier but persons that do sell, often will sell more than just one carrier.
  3. Place your order with Fundrazor. We accept credit cards, money orders and school checks. Product will arrive in 7-10 working days.
  4. Prepare a letter to be distributed to parents stating the goal and what the proceeds from your fundraiser will be used towards along with dates for which the money should be returned to you. Typical sales period is about 2 full weeks.
  5. Have an assembly, pep rally or meeting to discuss fundraiser objectives and goals for each person. This is the perfect time to talk about an incentive program for the sellers that Fundrazor can provide for you. This is also the best time to distribute carriers. If possible, have parents pick up carriers for their student or participant.
  6. It is advisable to have a document for each person to sign giving some accountability for your investment and a way to keep track of money collected for each seller.
  7. Each seller will collect the money on the spot for each chocolate candy bar. When carrier is completely sold, have parent/seller turn in money. If needed, order more.
  8. Now pat yourself on the back from all the money you made with your chocolate candy bar fundraiser.