How to Triple your Fundraising Profit

Want to triple your profits? MAKE YOUR FUNDRAISER MANDATORY!!!

*mike drop*

“We are outta here”

Seriously, check this out.

“Oh, no. A mandatory fundraiser would make parents mad at us.” Ask yourself; “why are you volunteering your time?” Are you doing it for a popularity contest or is it your genuine concern for the kids and the organization?

Let’s face it, we are in the age of entitlement. No one wants to do anything outside of their expectations. (pointing fingers at ourselves too)

Participation in fundraisers is constantly going down. You have seen it with your parents, players and you probably see it in your board participation too. Each year it gets worse.

Some simple math for you and this is pretty consistent these days. Let’s say you have a group with 100 members/athletes and the fundraising product is cookie dough. These days, if you get 30% participation, you are doing well. Let’s say those 30 participants sell 10 items each. You will end up making about $2400 in profit less shipping and other fees. This is about what to expect if you have a voluntary fundraiser. Some would say, “that is not too bad” but let’s take those same 100 people and make the fundraiser mandatory to sell just 10 items each. You can expect to make about $9000 in profit. This is over 3 times the amount of the voluntary fundraiser. You don’t need to excel in math to realize what is better for your organization.

You have a choice. Less or More. You have already committed your time for the fundraiser, so why not make the most possible money you can for your time.

Reasons to Make your Fundraiser Mandatory:

#1. MONEY. More money means more purchases for your organization which benefits the kids in your community. You already know your group needs to do a fundraiser so make the most you can.
#2. FAIRNESS.  Is it fair that some do so much while others do nothing? Mandatory fundraising evens the playing field and gets everyone involved instead of just 30% that genuinely try to help your league.
#3. SELF RESPECT. Let your parents/athletes take pride in your organization by doing an activity that benefits their program. Use the money from your fundraiser that season to show the benefits of their efforts.
#4. EVEN THE PLAYING FIELD. Board members, look at yourselves. You work countless hours each season sacrificing time for organization graciously and a lot of times, deal with ungrateful parents. Don’t you think that with the lack of help around your organization, surely someone could assist more? Yes, they can and that is by having them help you with the fundraiser.
#5. TEAMWORK. A benefit to kids learning sports is the cohesion of the team attitude. You practice as a team, work as a team, play as a team so why not fund raise as a team?

With fundraising, you have one chance each year to make it happen.

Don’t hope for the best, make it happen!

frustrated with your fundraiser

Another fundraiser. WTH?

Can the fundraising ever just end? Unfortunately….NOPE.

Whether your child’s fundraiser is for your PTO, school or little league sports organization; trust them, they need money. Just because you and I don’t agree with doing a fundraiser does not mean that the organization doesn’t need our help.

School Fundraisers

Schools are operating on very tight budgets. You and I will never understand how things operate within a school district but the sad thing is that fundraisers are very necessary to purchase items for your child’s school. Whether it’s the principal or the PTO/PTA making that decision, the choice to do a fundraiser is out of necessity, not greed.

Reasons for a school fundraiser:

  • Purchasing new or updating playground equipment
  • New technology for the classroom
  • Field trips

Youth Sports
Your child playing sports is beneficial to your child’s well-being. Here they learn the team concept and develop skills that are sometimes used in the high school and collegiate level. As in most organizations, board members (volunteers) try to keep registration fees affordable. Organizations that do this are operating on a very small budget.  Several  organizations will tell you that the registration fees only cover about 75% or less of the expenses incurred during a sports season.  Their fundraiser is very important to the existence of the organization.

Reasons for a sports organization fundraiser:

  • New equipment
  • Scoreboards
  • Pay officiating
  • Lease of land

Too Busy for Fundraising?

Parents in this day and age are busier than ever. Between family, job and responsibilities associated with life, our schedules are often hectic. We understand completely but….

Did you know that the child/student/athlete who sells the most in any organization, typically spends less than 2 hours selling during the fundraising campaign?
A typical fundraising campaign last just 2 weeks. That is 336 hours. Let’s do some basic math.

336 Total Hours
-112 hours for two weeks of sleep
 -80 hours for two weeks of work
=144 hours left to schedule in some fundraising. Yes, it is possible to find time.
The most important about fundraising is to sell smart. Sure, you could go door to door selling and have some success but why not double your achievements by selling smart.


Tips for Smart Selling:
#1. Start immediately and don’t procrastinate. The most successful sellers generally have 80% of their sales within 48 hours.
#2. Adults, take your fundraising brochure and order taker to your workplace. Our products sell themselves.
#3. Top sellers always utilize social media. Snap a pic of the brochure and post to your social media accounts.


Success with your child’s fundraiser sometimes comes down to motivation. Do you want your child to get a specific prize he or she wants? Do you want them to get recognition from their peers? Do you want your school, little league organization, etc to succeed and raise the money they so desparately need? If you can answer “YES” to any of the above, therein lies your motivation.

Cookie Dough without Refrigeration, no way. WAY!

One of the biggest drawbacks to the cookie dough fundraiser is the fact that people don’t always pick up their fundraising order on the day of the delivery. Cookie dough out of refrigeration typically would go bad up until now. Too good to be true? Not anymore!

Read the following Q&A from our cookie dough manufacturer.

Q.  Is it true that your cookie dough can be left out at room temperature for up to 21 days?
A.  Yes. Our cookie dough has been tested and approved for a rating of shelf stability by Eurofins, the world’s largest and most respected food and pharmaceutical testing company. Eurofins employs over 15,000 technicians throughout 190 laboratories in 37 countries. The credibility of the testing process is second to none.

Q.  How is it possible for the cookie dough to safely remain unrefrigerated for up to 21 days?
A.  The key is water activity. Our cookie dough formulation “binds” available water, thereby greatly reducing the water activity, which more simply put means little to no room for bacteria to grow.

Q.  Do you add preservatives to your cookie dough?
A.  No, we do not add preservatives to our cookie dough. Some of the ingredients that we purchase will include preservatives. Examples include chocolate products which almost always have soy lecithin added and natural egg products will contain citric acid to name a couple.

Q.  Do you recommend leaving the product out for extended periods of time?
A.  The products are shelf stable for 21 days, can be refrigerated for 6 months or kept frozen for up to one year. For best performance we suggest keeping the product frozen for as long as possible before using it. Actually we think the best thing to do is to bake it up right away.

Q. Is the nutritional analysis similar to other cookie dough brands?
A. Yes, you will find that most of the ingredients used are similar to other cookie dough products. However with so many brands on the market we can’t speak for everyone. Our nutrition facts and ingredients are all listed on each box/tub and are available online for you to compare.

Q. What is the advantage of using shelf stable cookie dough on a fundraising sale?
A. The nature of our product lends itself to the fundraising industry. Parents are busier than ever and missing a pick up night will not mean disaster for the items they sold. With this cookie dough, sales tend to be higher because sellers can easily redistribute cookie dough without having to keep it frozen at home, or when distributing at the work place. It is important to us to offer a product that actually meets the needs of the non-profit groups, volunteers and families that are participating.

Fundraising Customer Service

Let me know if this sounds familiar. Your group’s fundraising order was delivered, your fundraising company was paid and now; your salesperson/fundraising consultant is no where to be found. Don’t worry, there is a reason they have not returned your phone calls, text messages or emails. Witness protection program. Yes, that’s right. They had classified information regarding top secret government documents and had to be secretly hidden. Well, Ok. No problem, right? Wrong!

Buyer’s remorse can come from lousy fundraising customer service. Don’t have buyer’s remorse. Choose Fundrazor.

At Fundrazor, we believe your sales person/fundraising consultant should be available all the time. We also believe that person should be your own personal liaison to  handle all concerns and questions at your beckon call (yes, that is what we do).

Expect the most in customer service from your fundraising company. In this day and age with smartphones, emails and texts are easily handled. Phone calls are still welcomed with Fundrazor. It’s always to nice let people know in your voice that you are concerned and ready to help.

Fundrazor Oath: We promise to be accessible all the time and promise to contact you within 24 hours if not immediately.

Important Cookie Dough Fundraising Questions

Cookie Dough has been the hottest fundraiser for over decade. It’s kinda hard to be objective about this fundraiser when this has been successful for so many groups. This isn’t going to be a lesson that encourages you to shop here but hopefully something that will educate you in making a wise decision for your group’s next fundraiser.

Important Cookie Dough Fundraising Questions:

1. From where does our cookie dough originate?
Fundraising companies will differ in how they do this and it is very important to ask. Some fundraising companies purchase their inventory by the truck load to get the best pricing and to save on freight from multiple shipments. This is great for them, not so great for you because at any given time, their inventory could be setting in the warehouse for 30 days and more before it gets to you. Other companies, ourselves included, have your order shipped directly from the cookie dough manufacturer fresh for your order. Any person when given the choice will always prefer the freshest product for their community and in most cases, this service does not cost extra.

2. Does our order come prepackaged for each seller?
Most companies do provide a prepackaging service for your cookie dough order once the sale is completed but there a few that don’t. The last thing you should remember about your fundraiser is the money you put in the bank, not the headache of sorting orders. Often times, when you have to sort the orders yourself, mistakes can be made which take more of your time. Insist on prepackaging of your orders.

3. Are there going to be any hidden fees?
Nothing will frustrate you more than earning less than you anticipated making from your fundraiser. Some companies may offer big profits only to have them negated by shipping, fuel surcharges, handling and more. Get the facts before you make your decision. It is a must to compare “apples to apples”.

4. Is a internet based company or local company the best for us?
If you have a local company with a great product and the best profit, this is always the best choice however doing business with an internet based company can be equally rewarding and profitable. Companies such as Fundrazor excel on customer service and will do our very best to make sure your experience is rewarding and profitable. A sales representative that will offer their cell number and stay in contact with you is a must.

To learn more about Fundrazor cookie dough, please click here.