Holiday Shopper Fundraiser

Check out Fundrazor for your holiday shopper fundraiser. Each catalog is prepared scrupulously to make your fundraiser a success. Help your school and community do their holiday shopping while adding to your group’s bank account.

Your Fundrazor customer service representative is extremely qualified to strategically set up your fundraiser with a few brief questions. Trust our 10 plus years of experience for confidence in your decision. Combine this with deluxe pre-packaging process, detailed sales reports, enticing prize programs and you will have the necessary tools for a very successful fundraiser. Your phone calls will be either be answered or returned promptly before, during or after your catalog fundraiser.

catalog fundraising

  • IMPECCABLE CUSTOMER SERVICE – No text, phone call or email will ever go un-answered before, during or after your fundraiser.
  • EASIEST DELIVERY and DISTRIBUTION – All orders arrive in labeled boxes with seller’s name for easy distribution.
  • ONLINE STORE – Share the gift of giving with your out of town relatives and friends.
  • DETAILED REPORTS – Keep track of your success with detailed reports of your catalog fundraiser.

Holiday Shopper Brochure Options

Joy of Spring

Catalog Highlights
85 Items
32 Pages

Retail Summary
$8.00 or less – 7 Items
$8.50 – $12.00 – 26 Items
$12.50 and up – 50 Items
Average Cost $15.05

Catalog Items
11 – Jewelry
6 – Kitchen/Accessories
7 – Home Decor
15 –  Candy/Food Products
12 – Floral/Plant
5 – Organizational Products
5 – Wraps
11 – Scarfs
11 – Coffees

Magazine Vouchers Selections
($10 & $15  amounts)

No Peeking

Catalog Highlights
79 Items
32 Pages

Retail Summary
$10.00 or less – 44 Items
$10.50 and up – 35 Items
Average Cost $12.28

Catalog Items
20 – Gift Wrap/Accessories
11 – Gift & Novelty Items
22 – Kitchen/Accessories
18 –  Candy/Food Products
7 – Jewelry/Clothing

Mascot Candies®
Tootsie Roll®
Paula Deen LLC®

Magazine Vouchers Selections
($10 & $15  amounts)

Light Up the Holidays

Catalog Highlights
123 Items
48 Pages

Retail Summary
50% – $10.00 or less
10% – over $20.00

Catalog Items
28 – Gift Wrap/Accessories
32 – Gift & Novelty Items
23 – Kitchen/Accessories
23 Candy/Food/Coffee Products

Mascot Candies®
Glow® Scented Candles
Homemade Gourmet® Dry Mixes
Scooters® Coffee

Magazine Vouchers Selections
($10,$15, $20 & $30 amounts)

Why Choose Fundrazor for your Holiday Shopper Fundraiser

Professional Service
Ever have a salesperson/customer service representative that you can never reach by phone or email? Frustrating isn’t it? Fundrazor prides itself on being professional with timely replies or by simply answering the phone. Often times, our customers text us which is convenient for both parties. You will never wonder if we will call you back because we bet our reputation on taking great care of you and your catalog fundraiser with us.

Highest Fundraising Profit
Fundrazor is the proven internet leader for the highest profits in the catalog fundraising department. Your profit can be as high as 50% and with that comes service, pre-packaging for each seller and individual prizes. Do NOT take chances with your school’s fundraiser. If you choose Fundrazor, you can be confident that you are making the most money with your catalog fundraiser.

Easy Delivery and Distribution
When your fundraising orders arrive, each seller’s order is labeled and numbered for easy distribution. We can label them by class or grade. Each order is packaged lightly to allow for easy carrying. Your detailed sales report will have different list to cater to your method of distribution.

Online Store
Get the most from your catalog fundraiser with our online store. This allows out of state friends and relatives to help you reach your group’s goals during your fundraiser.

Detailed Sales Reports
Our sales reports are definitely cutting edge. We can prepare detailed sales reports for each class, each seller along with alphabetizing the reports and listing them by top seller first down to the last.

Make a Good Fundraiser Memory
A catalog fundraiser is only as good as the last thing you remember. If you make a lot of profit with your fundraiser only to have a botched delivery, then your fundraiser will leave a horrible taste in everyone’s mouth. Our products arrive to you neatly labeled and numbered for easy distribution. Your detailed sales reports will be a great way to cross reference your orders and make comparisons. The sales reports will be a detailed as the information that each student’s order form has entered on it. For example, it can have student’s name, grade and teacher’s name which help you organize the orders for distribution.