frustrated with your fundraiser

Another fundraiser. WTH?

Can the fundraising ever just end? Unfortunately….NOPE.

Whether your child’s fundraiser is for your PTO, school or little league sports organization; trust them, they need money. Just because you and I don’t agree with doing a fundraiser does not mean that the organization doesn’t need our help.

School Fundraisers

Schools are operating on very tight budgets. You and I will never understand how things operate within a school district but the sad thing is that fundraisers are very necessary to purchase items for your child’s school. Whether it’s the principal or the PTO/PTA making that decision, the choice to do a fundraiser is out of necessity, not greed.

Reasons for a school fundraiser:

  • Purchasing new or updating playground equipment
  • New technology for the classroom
  • Field trips

Youth Sports
Your child playing sports is beneficial to your child’s well-being. Here they learn the team concept and develop skills that are sometimes used in the high school and collegiate level. As in most organizations, board members (volunteers) try to keep registration fees affordable. Organizations that do this are operating on a very small budget.  Several  organizations will tell you that the registration fees only cover about 75% or less of the expenses incurred during a sports season.  Their fundraiser is very important to the existence of the organization.

Reasons for a sports organization fundraiser:

  • New equipment
  • Scoreboards
  • Pay officiating
  • Lease of land