Another fundraiser. WTH?

Can the fundraising ever just end? Unfortunately….NOPE.

Every time you turn around, a child is coming home from school with a new fundraiser. It all seems very frustrating especially if you are a parent. Sometimes it is not so much a financial burden as it is a time constraint. We get it. Your life is very busy!

Let’s get to root of this. No, this is not a personal attack on you as a parent or someone with nothing better to do than start a fundraiser but you know what? That fundraiser was created by someone that is volunteering “their” time for your child. Everyone that is involved with that particular organization is a volunteer too. If enough people helped out with that organization or generously donated, then fundraisers would possibly be a thing of the past.

As in most organizations, board members (volunteers) try to keep registration fees affordable. Organizations that do this are operating on a very small budget.  Several  organizations will tell you that the registration fees only cover about 75% or less of the expenses incurred during a sports season.  Their fundraiser is very important to the existence of the organization.

Just because you and I don’t agree with doing a fundraiser does not mean that the organization doesn’t need our help and if  you ask the right questions, you will find that fundraising is VERY necessary.

Reasons for a sports organization fundraiser:

  • New helmets, pads and jerseys
  • Scoreboards
  • Pay officiating
  • Lease of land
  • Scholarships for under privileged kids
  • Award ceremonies
  • Training camps
  • Traveling costs
  • Keep registration fees affordable

Sports organizations that have success with their fundraising often make their fundraising mandatory for everyone. If you think about it, why is it fair that your child works hard on the fundraiser and others do nothing. Well, it’s actually not fair.

Fundraising teaches a very valuable lesson too in your child. It teaches them that if we want things in life, we have to work for them and it teaches them the team concept. If youth practice and play games as a team/league, then they all should fund raise as a whole team/league. Learning these concepts will be beneficial as they advance to the high school and college levels too.

The decision of whether or not to participate in your child’s next fundraiser will not probably make or break the organization but don’t you think the “right thing” to do would be to help out for your child and the children in the future?