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Need Money for Little League Football?

Raise $10,000 profit in just 2 weeks with our cookie dough fundraiser. Simple as 100 football players selling just 11 boxes each of our award winning cookie dough.

Think of the great things your league could accomplish with $10,000 in the bank account and it can be done in just 2 short weeks.

$10,000 can purchase:

NEW Helmets
NEW Equipment (jerseys, balls, pads etc)
NEW Scoreboards
NEW Field Equipment (mowers, field markers)

Book NOW and get MORE Savings and MORE Incentives!

The magic number is just 1111 boxes of cookie dough sold to raise $10,000 profit

50 football players selling 23 boxes each
100 football players selling 11 boxes each
200 football players selling 6 boxes each
400 football players selling 3 boxes each

Accomplish your goals this season with our cookie dough fundraiser.

FREE and EASY to get Started
FREE Prize Program
FREE prepackaging

Here is how our cookie dough fundraiser works.

#1. It’s FREE to get started, just complete our fundraising agreement and tell us how many fundraising packets you will need.
#2. When you receive your fundraising packets, have your players pre-collect on each item sold from our awesome cookie dough brochure. The selling period lasts 2-3 weeks.
#3. Have players turn in their money and orders. You keep your part, pay us the rest.
#4. In just 3-4 weeks, your cookie dough order will arrive prepackaged and labeled for each seller.

Raised $14,500

“Just weeks before practices started, our equipment shed was robbed. We needed $12,000 for new helmets and pads. With Fundrazor, we were able to raise $14,500 with their cookie dough fundraiser.”
Fundrazor – 1
Bad Guys – 0

Phil E. – Arkansas

Raised $16,800

“Needed new equipment for the football season. Was hoping to make about $7000, instead we made so much money with Fundrazor cookie dough that we will not have to do a fundraiser next year.

Josh R – Oklahoma

Raised $26,300

Instead of the yearly raffle, we opted for Fundrazor cookie dough and made $5000 more in profit. We also learned our families like cookie dough more and the process was easy and wonderfully supported. Our rep stayed in contact with us before and after our fundraiser was completed. Thank you Fundrazor!

Abe F – Texas

Raised $6,400

“Our program is smaller so we didn’t think a cookie dough fundraiser would work for us. Fundrazor was very supportive and gave us a winning strategy to reach our goals. The cookie dough was a big hit and we reached our goals easily.

Doug D – Virginia

Raised $9,200

“We were worried since the elementary school did a cookie dough fundraiser that it may hamper our sales this season. $2100 more profit was made over last season. Fundrazor cookie dough and prizes made it successful. ”

Brad B – Texas

Raised $11,500

“With the economy affecting our small community, we lost a very generous corporate sponsor of the program and needless to say the options were to double registration fees or shut down the program. Fundrazor cookie dough allowed us to keep registration fees affordable and have enough money left over to build a new concession stand.”

Blake R – Georgia