Want to Triple your Fundraising Profits?

Make your fundraiser MANDATORY!!!

Oh, no. A mandatory fundraiser would make parents mad at us.” Ask yourself; “why are you volunteering your time?” Are you doing it for a popularity contest or is it your genuine concern for the kids and the organization?

Let’s face it, we are in the age of entitlement. No one wants to do anything outside of their expectations. (pointing fingers at ourselves too)

Participation in fundraisers is constantly going down. You have seen it with your parents, players and you probably see it in your board participation too. Each year it gets worse.

Some simple math for you and this is pretty consistent these days. Let’s say you have a group with 100 members/athletes and the fundraising product is cookie dough. These days, if you get 30% participation, you are doing well. Let’s say those 30 participants sell 10 items each. You will end up making about $2400 in profit less shipping and other fees. This is about what to expect if you have a voluntary fundraiser. Some would say, “that is not too bad” but let’s take those same 100 people and make the fundraiser mandatory to sell just 10 items each. You can expect to make about $9000 in profit. This is over 3 times the amount of the voluntary fundraiser. You don’t need to excel in math to realize what is better for your organization.

You have a choice. Less or More. You have already committed your time for the fundraiser, so why not make the most possible money you can for your time.

Reasons to Make your Fundraiser Mandatory:

#1. MONEY. More money means more purchases for your organization which benefits the kids in your community. You already know your group needs to do a fundraiser so make the most you can.
#2. FAIRNESS.  Is it fair that some do so much while others do nothing? Mandatory fundraising keeps everything fair and gets everyone involved instead of just 30% that genuinely try to help your league.
#3. SELF RESPECT. Let your parents/athletes take pride in your organization by doing an activity that benefits their program. Use the money from your fundraiser that season to show the benefits of their efforts.
#4. EVEN THE PLAYING FIELD. Board members, look at yourselves. You work countless hours each season sacrificing time for organization graciously and a lot of times, deal with ungrateful parents. Don’t you think that with the lack of help around your organization, surely someone could assist more? Yes, they can and that is by having them help you with the fundraiser.
#5. TEAMWORK. A benefit to kids learning sports is the cohesion of the team attitude. You practice as a team, work as a team, play as a team so why not fund raise as a team?

With fundraising, you have one chance each year to make it happen.

Don’t hope for the best, make it happen!