Our Story

FundrazorNET was started in 2001 in Joplin, MO with the intent of jumping onto the “dot.com” explosion and being immediately successful.

Well, that is not how it works in fundraising.

Soon we learned that success comes from meeting customers one on one, building relationships, and doing exactly what was promised to our customers.

With most fundraising companies, the products and pricing are very similar so this is why FundrazorNET strives to be a little different.

How often did you try to reach a customer service representative with your last fundraising company, only to be reduced to an untimely email or during normal business hours phone call?

Even worse, did you get blown off completely?

We promise to always be accessible before, during and after your fundraiser.

This part is really about YOU.

We appreciate the hard work and long hours that you and other volunteers put in each season to make your non-profit organization better. Being a volunteer means donating your time without pay to a cause you believe.

Most volunteers have full time jobs and families, yet find the time to sacrifice for their organization.

Realizing this, we go above and beyond to make your fundraiser easier while making you the most money possible for your organization.

Thanks for choosing us and happy fundraising!