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Scratch Card Fundraiser


✔️BEST PROFITS – 90% profit and more. Don’t settle for 80% profit with a $20 card, our’s cost just $10.

✔️FREE SHIPPING – Most orders are received in 5-7 business days.

✔️FREE SCRATCH CARDS – For every 10 cards ordered, you get 2 FREE cards. Big orders get bigger deals.

✔️MORE STYLES – Currently 35 choices in stock which means your order will be expedited in every way possible.



  • 90% Profit and MORE!
  • Best Pricing at just $10 each.
  • Each scratchcard generates $100 cash.
  • Collect money immediately with each “scratch off donation”.
  • FREE Shipping – Delivery in just 5-7 days.
  • FREE Scratch Cards! 2 FREE for every 10 cards ordered.

*Minimum Order of 10


*Available in any quantity over 15 cards. Chart is for illustrative purposes.

Scratch Card Fundraiser-Flyer

Fundrazor Scratch Card Fundraiser

Choose the best value and highest profits with scratch card fundraiser from Fundrazor. Our scratch card fundraiser will save you 50% and make you over 90% profit. A Fundrazor scratch card is great way to make BIG money fast and here are the reasons why:

  • No heavy objects to lift
  • No orders to fill
  • No products to deliver
  • No guessing on how much you will make

Our scratch cards have 50 round places that you take a coin to scratch or rub off. Kind of like scratchers for jackpots except these are NOT for gambling, but for FUN and SUPPORT. Beneath the scratch off places, there are dollar amounts printed ranging from $.50 up to $3.00. (pocket change for most). The member of your group will politely ask people to “scratch off” a donation for your group. The dollar amount revealed beneath the “scratch off” place is the amount donated to the member of your group.

Once they have the card completely “scratched off”, they will have made $100 cash and sometimes more for your organization. Simple, huh?

Why do Fundrazor Scratch Card cost 50% less than most?
Our customers relate to the value of a dollar and every cent counts when you are working with non-profit groups. Companies that charge $20 per scratch card are also billing you for a sheet of coupons. Often, these coupons are for an item that is already on sale or not available to your area. If that is a deal breaker, we encourage customers to make coupons from merchants in their direct area. This is great for local small businesses too.

Tips for Safety and Success

#1. Always encourage safe behavior with adult supervision and people that you are closely associated with like family, friends and neighbors.
#2. Market your group’s endeavor at the entry of a grocery, department or convenience store.
#3. Big Smiles are contagious.
#4. A genuine “Thank you” goes a long way.
#5. Make a contest among members. Reward the person that completes the most cards or turns in all the money the quickest.

Easy Payment Options
Just like all online shopping, our scratch cards are paid for in advance, then shipped to you within 5-7 days. When paying with a credit card, your fundraising dollars will be collected from your group before you get your credit card statement. Most groups will have the money collected from their members in under 2 weeks. We proudly accept your payments through Paypal which is safe for both you and us.