Basic Plan Cookie Dough – Terms

Getting Started
Once you have reviewed the terms, agreed and submitted, you will receive a confirmation email then another email with the link to print your full color cookie dough brochure.

You may wish for us to ship brochures which we can do this for free, just pay shipping for the number of brochures you need and your location.

Fundraising Process
Participants will use the brochures to take orders for cookie dough. They will collect $20 for each box that is “pre-sold”. They will simply use the order taker section on the cookie dough brochure to record each sale. Checks for cookie dough purchases are to be made payable to your organization.

The suggested selling time for the cookie dough fundraiser is 10-14 days and participants will turn in their completed order takers and money at this time. Selling longer does not equal more sales but you may opt to run sale longer if necessary.

During your fundraiser selling campaign, you will receive our “Success Blueprint” which is a sequence of emails with helpful tips and suggestions. If you use these tips, you can guarantee success.

When money and orders are turned into you, it is important to verify that the money collected, and amount of cookie dough sold corresponds.

Tier 3 and 4 level sales
Sales that fall into categories of 252-499 boxes (tier 3) boxes or 500 boxes and over (tier 4) boxes qualify your order for our FREE packaging upgrade. Each seller’s order will be packaged and labeled before it leaves the cookie dough manufacturer. (a $253 value and more depending on your order)

In your sequence of emails, you will receive instructions and a spreadsheet for entering each seller’s total order. The spreadsheet is what we use to package each seller’s order before it ships.

Tier 1 and 2 level sales
Sales that fall into categories of 1-101 (tier 1) boxes or 102-251 (tier 2) boxes require ordering in full case counts and will not be packaged and labeled for each seller.  A full case = 6 boxes.

OPTION: Packaging service is available for your convenience for an upcharge of $175.



When you submit your order to us, we will present an invoice based on your order. Your order must be paid in full before we can process.

The option we prefer and the best option for immediate processing of your order is debit/credit card payments. There is a convenience fee of just 2% of your invoice total.

Another preferred option is using Priority Mail by the United States Postal Service to the address we provide to you via invoice. Priority mail provides a free tracking number to ensure the safety of your payment. UPS and FedEx are also welcomed.

To qualify for FREE shipping to your location, your order must be 500 boxes or more otherwise a flat fee of $139 will be added to your invoice.

You will be notified from Neighbors Cookies via email concerning your ship date within 48 hours of invoice being paid.

All orders are shipped via 3rd party shipper. Neither Fundrazor and Neighbors Cookies have any control in the timing of your delivery, only the date. Delivery days are Monday through Friday with a delivery window between 10am and 4pm.

Your order will arrive on a semi-trailer due to the size and weight. Our carriers prefer a commercial delivery address along with a loading dock if possible. Residential addresses for deliveries are discouraged and can potentially add $75 fee to your invoice.

It is advisable to have your cookie dough order delivered to a covered facility in case of implement weather. Re-delivery or change of address will incur a $100 fee.

When your order arrives, please verify with your delivery driver that your case count is correct for each flavor and check for any damages before the driver leaves.

Any damages or errors must be addressed within 48 hours to qualify for replacement or refund.

Basic plan is designed to make the highest profit with the least amount of sales.

Cash Bonuses
Our bonus system can be in the form of a deduction from your invoice or we can mail you a check. Bonus can be utilized an incentive for top seller or prize monies.

FREE case of cookie dough offer
You may qualify for a FREE case of chocolate chip cookie dough if you signed up within the allotted time and your order is 253 boxes or more. This is a $120 value.

$500 guarantee
We guarantee you will make $5000 in profit with our Basic plan by selling 500 boxes of cookie dough. At this level, there are no hidden fees which is why we can guarantee this.

Additional offers
You may also qualify for other offers as stated in the communications with your representative. These will automatically be applied to you based on sales and timing of your order. 

100% satisfaction guarantee
We guarantee your complete satisfaction with the taste and quality of our cookie dough. If you or one of your parents is not happy, simply contact us and we will replace the product in question.