Timing is Everything

School Fundraiser Timing

This may sound a bit cliché but it is very true in elementary school fundraisers.  Here are some Timing Tips that will work well when planning for your next fundraiser.

  • Kick off your fundraiser on a FRIDAY with an assembly. There are many reasons for it, however, the most important one to consider is disrupting the education process. If possible, the Friday afternoon before school dismisses would be the best time to educate YOUR kids about the start of the school fundraiser.  This way the excitement brought on by your assembly and/or the prizes will not get your kids so hyped up that they will not be able focus on learning.Another reason for kicking of the fundraiser on Friday is there is more contact with friends and family over the weekend than a typical school night where most parent’s lives are extremely rushed.

  • The day of the month you start your fundraiser is everything.  Try starting, ending. or both on a payday. Typical pay days are the 1st, 15th and 30th. Also take into consideration to when the school employees pay day falls on since they are only paid once a month.

  • To ensure maximum results, run your fundraiser for 2 weeks. This way you can encapsulate both pay periods and cover one of two weekends for students with parents who are not living under the same roof.

  • The best time of the year to have your elementary school fundraiser is in the fall. September and October are the ideal months. Your customers will purchase from you with the hopes of products arriving before the Holidays. With Fundrazor cookie dough, it does the absolute best when you start your fundraising campaign in the beginning of October and have your student’s orders delivered the week before Thanksgiving. With Holiday Shoppers, you may need to sell earlier based on the time it takes to have products delivered.

Some fundraising companies will shove you into their program any given day of the month because they don’t want to lose your potential business or they simply don’t care. At Fundrazor, we care more about your success because when you succeed, you will be a repeat customer… and that is our favorite type of customer.