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Got 100 or more youth in your league?

You may qualify for up to $1000 in bonuses!

If you have over 100 kids in your league, you could qualify for up to $1000 in bonuses with our cookie dough fundraiser.

Here’s how to find out more and qualify your league:

Pick out a time below to call us:

Keep your appointment by “CALLING US” at the time you select.

If you keep your appointment, you will automatically qualify for all the bonuses possible.

Hint: If you sell 1000 boxes, you will get $600 in FREE chocolate chip cookie dough (that’s just a start) but you gotta call us to qualify and find out more.

These appointments are only for youth sport’s leagues with 100 or more kids.

P.S. If you can’t keep your appointment, don’t whine if we call you a loser.

Not good with planning? Text or call me directly