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Family Owned

Since 2001

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Fundrazor is a small family owned business that began in 2001.

Being a small business, we have never lost sight of the customer service aspect of doing business.

We know that when we do the job right, it will be an easy decision for your next fundraiser.

Since 2001, we have made it our main focus to ensure our customers achieve successful fundraising results and to provide the best in customer service (read more below)

Sure, they may be bigger names in fundraising but do those bigger names stay in business 20 years?

We feel the best proving ground for a business are results, reviews and great references from customers.

My name is Douglas, proud owner of FundrazorNET.

I would consider it an honor to help your non-profit organization reach it’s fundraising goals.

Unparalleled customer service when it counts

We understand you because our customers are like you

No one understands your busy life more than us, because all of our customers are people exactly like you… VOLUNTEERS.

Like them, you have a full time job and a family, yet you unselfishly give of your spare time, to help with your non-profit organization.

Understandably, you need fundraising products and services that accommodate your busy life.

This is where we enter the picture.

Our fundraising products are geared to raise you the maximum amount of profit with the least amount of your volunteer time.

As an extra bonus, we provide around the clock customer support to you. (See the guy in the pic above? Just email, text or call him.)

That means if you have a question on Sunday night, we got your back.

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