Affordable Ways to Increase Profits

Get the most From your league fundraiser

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The best to motivate more participation in your fundraiser is a reward system or incentives. 

An effective incentive program can easily boost your sales by over 30% versus no incentives used.

How deep you wish to dig into your pockets is up to you but most of the time, the best incentives don’t cost a dime. 

We have listed a few ideas below and we bet you have some creative ideas of your own of which we encourage you to share in the comments below.

Top 10 incentives for a fundraiser

1. Pizza party

One of the most popular incentives used in youth sports is the pizza party. It can be for the top selling team or grade but it can be used for the entire organization when you reach your overall goal. 

👍🏽 Helpful Tip:

If possible, form a business relationship with a locally owned pizza restaurant.

Offer the owners of the restaurant free advertising in return for a great deal on some pizzas.

You can also strike a deal for team uniform sponsors or signage on the fields.  

2. FREE registration for Top seller

This is an example of an incentive that doesn’t cost the league or organization much out of the pockets. 

You can refund the top seller their registration fees or waive their registration fees for next season.

You can even make this incentive for the top selling family for your fundraiser. This is beneficial for a family with 2 or more kids playing in your organization. 

3. FREE night of babysitting

Probably the most popular incentive used by our customers. Best part is that it doesn’t cost a dime.

Give a free night of babysitting for the family that has the best sales in your fundraiser.

Example for your babysitting hours could be Friday night from 7pm-11pm.

4. VIP Parking

Another great incentive for top sellers is VIP parking.

Create a parking space with a sign designated for your top sellers.

Ideally, this should be a coveted parking location easily accessing your fields or game locations.

👍🏽 Helpful Tip:

Here we have another opportunity to do some trade-out with a local sign business.

Trade out sponsorship or advertising for your parking sign with the winners name.

5. Game station

Love them or hate them, gaming stations make incredible incentives. 

You can give this to your top seller or make it into a grand prize drawing. (see below)

👍🏽 Helpful Tip:

Creating a grand prize drawing can create more participation for a level you determine. For instance, you can say if a person sells “x” number of items, they will get their name entered into a drawing for the grand prize such as the gaming station above.

By creating this level, you will definitely have more people selling this number you designate. 

6. First pics of practice locations or times

If your fundraiser is completed before practices and games, a great incentive for the top selling teams is letting them choose their practice field and times before any other teams. 

If you have batting cages, this is ideal for the top selling team to be able to use them before other teams can schedule their times.. 

7. Field day

Have a celebration at the end of the season if your organization reaches it’s goals.

You can factor this cost into your fundraising goal too.

This event could have gaming trucks, food trucks, inflatables and even local celebrities.

👍🏽 Helpful Tip:

Ask food trucks to attend your season ending celebration. You could offer trade out or simply use this for them to produce their own revenue. Same concept with an inflatable company.

Gaming trucks are great idea too. Once again perhaps you can trade out advertising for the event.

An additional idea is having your local firefighters attend with one of their trucks. Perhaps they could spray water from a fire hose on a hot day.

8. No work

An incentive that gets people out of work is an amazing thing too. Eliminate  concession stand duty or work day during the season for the top selling parent or top selling team. Create your own “get out of work ” incentive too.

9. Shave something

State that if the league reaches it’s goals, then a board member or coach will shave his head or beard.

You could also say that if a person sells “x” number of items, they get to clip off a section of hair.

10. An award ceremony

People love to be recognized for their achievements.

If you have an award ceremony, definitely create an award for the top seller or sellers in your fundraiser with a trophy and public recognition. 

This may do wonders for your next fundraiser too.

One customer of ours recognized the top seller at opening day ceremonies and let them ceremonial first pitch.