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Finally, a fundraiser for you

If you’re looking to raise funds with ease and efficiency, then our Pledj fundraiser is the perfect solution for you. By using our platform, you can raise 3-4 times more profit while spending less time on it. 

We understand that as a volunteer, fundraising can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Our fundraiser aggressively promotes and broadcasts your campaign, so you can focus on other important things that matter to you. 

Don’t let fundraising take up all your spare time or stress you out. Choose Pledj and let us help you make a difference in the world. you can focus on other important things.

Home isn't where the Funds are

Imagine the difference of the entire USA being the area for your fundraiser, instead of just your local community. By expanding your selling territory, you have the potential to raise not just hundreds but thousands of dollars.     

Pledj really makes "cents"

Based on statistical data, it has been observed that fundraising sales show a two-fold increase when credit cards are accepted as a mode of payment. This can be attributed to the fact that carrying cash is becoming increasingly rare, and most people prefer the convenience of credit card transactions.

Furthermore, accepting credit card payments can lead to higher donations as people are more likely to donate generously when they have the option to use their credit card. With the flexibility and ease offered by credit card payments, it is highly improbable that you will return to traditional fundraisers that require cash or check payments.

It makes perfect sense to embrace the future of fundraising and leverage the power of credit card payments to take your fundraiser to the next level.. 

Sharing is caring

With fundraising, your organization needs every advantage it can get. 

Social media is the most powerful tool that will help your fundraiser earn thousands of extra dollars.

Make sure your next fundraiser is equipped with a "share" button. 

Our sharing options are available for the most significant platforms, which makes it quick and easy to spread the word and make your Pledj-ing successful.

Trending Now

Donation-based fundraising has become the most popular and profitable way to reach your fundraising goals, surpassing the "old school" product sale fundraisers.

Cha Ching

By accepting card payments for donations, your patrons will donate more than just the cash in their wallet. 

This fact alone is why our fundraiser out performs raffles and other brochure oriented fundraiser.

Hug a Tree!

Most fundraisers require the use of your own gas and time to deliver or sell them, which can be a major headache.

However, with Pledj, you can save everyone's time and fuel by eliminating the need for personal deliveries.

Fundraising results are better and more efficient with Pledj. The planet says: "thank you!"  


Most frequently asked questions about Pledj

What is Pledj?

Pledj is a crowdfunding platform that provides a new and improved way to fundraise for your cause. It is designed to help volunteer-run organizations succeed in less time. 

Pledj is much more profitable than traditional fundraising methods like raffles and other sports fundraisers, and it offers unlimited earning potential. 

We are so confident in the success of Pledj that we even offer to double your activation fee. 

If you’re committed to achieving your fundraising goals but have limited time, Pledj is the perfect solution for you.

Who can do Pledj?

Any non-profit organization that is serious about fundraising can benefit from using Pledj. We have seen successful fundraising campaigns with groups such as elementary schools, youth baseball and football leagues, school bands, and teams. If you believe your organization meets our qualifications, please get in touch with one of our success managers. Please note that Pledj is meant for non-profit organizations and not for individual fundraising purposes. We may request proof of your non-profit status in the form of 501(c) documentation.

How much do we get?

At Pledj, we are confident in our ability to help you achieve your fundraising goals and maximize your returns. Our aggressive performance system is designed to reward great performance with maximum profit return percentages that rank higher than the industry averages for donation-based fundraisers. We are dedicated to providing you with the best possible service, and our commitment to fairness and safety ensures that you can trust us to help you succeed. Contact one of our Success Managers for details. 

How much does it cost?

To start your Pledj, there is one time activation fee which is refunded back to you once Pledj is completed. In most cases, your campaign will be completed before your credit card statement is due. Please feel free to reach out to one of our Success Managers to inquire about pricing.

Why an activation fee?

You might be wondering why we require an activation fee to start your Pledj fundraiser.

The reason is straightforward – we want to offer you an exceptional customer experience with a tailor-made interface that can optimize your fundraising efforts.

In other words, a real person will be setting up your account.

Moreover, this fee helps discourage individuals who have no genuine interest in using Pledj since we invest a lot of resources in creating each account for maximum fundraising success.

How long does it take?

It is important to note that the most effective fundraising occurs within the first few days of a 7-day timeline when excitement and motivation are at their peak. The statistics suggest that most fundraisers lose their momentum by the 8th day. However, we do allow the option for you to run Pledj for up to 30 days.

Can one person do Pledj?

Simple answer: Not at this time.

Please note that only non-profit organizations that hold a 501 c non-taxable status are eligible for Pledj fundraising.

It is important to understand that Pledj does not offer fundraising services to individuals.

Is Pledj better than raffles?


Pledj is the ultimate choice for fundraising for several reasons:

  1. Pledj leverages the power of social media to promote your fundraiser, allowing you to reach a wider audience much quicker. 
  2. Unlike traditional raffles, Pledj allows anyone across the United States to donate to your cause, not just those in your immediate community. 
  3. Our eco-friendly and cost-effective system eliminates the need for printing and distributing tickets.
  4. All donations are securely and accurately handled on our platform, thereby removing the need to micromanage the collection of monies.
  5. Pledj has been proven to raise 3 to 4 times more funds than traditional raffles.

Our cookie dough fundraiser has become frustrating for teams to raise the profits they need based on a performance profit structure, plus the shipping costs that are incurred.

Realistically, only organizations with 100 or more members achieve success with our cookie dough fundraiser. 

Additionally, not all members are going to participate, which can further reduce the potential profits.

That’s why our Pledj fundraiser is a great alternative for teams. With no minimums and no products to ship, it’s easy and hassle-free.”

Not to mention, we provide an excellent game plan for you to succeed with just 60 minutes of everyone’s participation. Ask a success manager about our “Hour of Power”.

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