The way fundraising is supposed to be: More funds, less work


Have it your way

More funds with less work is the way fundraising should be, right?

Our Pledj fundraiser decreases the amount of time you will spend while raising 3-4 times more profit.

Finally, a fundraiser for you

As a volunteer, a fundraiser should not consume every minute of your spare time.

And it doesn’t have to be successful. Our fundraiser promotes and broadcasts your fundraiser aggressively so you that don’t have to.


Raise more by Reaching more People

Unlimited potential

Mega unlimited hugest ever target area

Unleash the profit potential your organization needs. With Pledj, your potential donors can be anywhere in the United states.

Home isn't where the Funds are

The biggest limitations associated with the majority fundraisers is that you can only raise funds or get donations from family and friends that live in your area. With Pledj, you can ask anyone in the USA to donate to your cause.

Hug a Tree!

No more pump

Say “good-bye” to using gas to power your vehicle when delivering products or collecting payments from you fundraiser. 

These costs are a burden on everyone and no one gets a pat on the back for this.

Easier is better

With no fundraising products to handle or deliver, your volunteer life just got easier.

Remember the last time you had to unload a truck or sort and fill orders? 

Spend this extra time and binge watch a Netflix season.

The Force is with you

The Power of Now

Let’s face it, we learn about current news events and what’s going on from social media and most likely, while using our cell phones. 

This is why Pledj works so well. Our platform gets the word out about your fundraiser through social media plus texting and emails. 

Your cell phone is the tool that makes fundraising easy for you and your participants.

Numbers Don't Lie

Trending Now

Donation based fundraisers have become the most popular way for you to reach your fundraising goals.

They are also much more profitable than the “old school” product sale type of fundraisers.

Cha Ching

By accepting card payments for donations, your patrons will donate more than just the cash in their wallet. 

This fact alone is why our fundraiser out performs raffles and other brochure oriented fundraiser.


Any non-profit organization that is serious about fundraising.

Organizations that succeed with Pledj are:

  • elementary schools
  • youth baseball leagues and teams
  • youth football leagues and teams
  • school bands

This is not a fundraiser for individuals and we may ask for proof of your non-profit status with the IRS in the form of 501 c documentation.

MOST popular question ever.

The total amount of your donations collected when the fundraiser is complete determines profit percentage of your return.

Profit is a performance based tier meaning the more you collect, the higher profit % that you get in return. (See pic below)

i.e. if we collect $100,000 in donations for your fundraiser, you will get $90,000. A 90% return.

Profit is a performance based tier meaning the more you collect, the higher profit % that you get in return. (please pic below)

i.e. if we collect $100,000 in donations for your fundraiser, you will get $90,000. A 90% return.

A $99 refundable activation is required to start. Your fee is automatically refunded when $10,000 in donations are collected.

Some organizations tell us their  $99 fee to raise an amount such as $5000 is a very wise investment for them. 

Wall Street would love to give this return.

10-14 days is the ideal time plus you get your profit back to you quicker.

Running the Pledj fundraiser longer than 2 weeks is not encouraged but on occasions, exceptions can be made.

Contrary to popular belief, running a fundraiser longer does not equal better results.

Fact: People will late till the last minute if you give them too much time. 

Simple answer: NO

We can only assist non-profit organizations that are a 501 c non-taxable status. 

Here are a few reasons:

a. A real person, not a computer has to manually create a custom link for your organization’s fundraiser. Just like you and me, they have bills to pay too. 

b. Viable non-profit organizations who are serious about fundraising won’t let a $99 activation fee stand in the way of raising $10,000 or more in profit.

The $99 activation fee is automatically refunded when you collect $10,000 in donations. 

Yes for a few good reasons.

  1. Our Pledj platform leverages social media to get the word out about your fundraiser.
  2. Unlike raffles, anyone in the USA can donate to your fundraiser. Not just people in your local community. 
  3. Unlike raffles, there is no printing and distributing of tickets. 
  4. There is no micromanaging of monies with Pledj. All donations are handled on our platform and accurately reported for each person and/or team. 
See how much Pledj can raise for you

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