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Fundrazor Scratch cards

Performance is the key word

A cool fundraiser is great and all but does it make any profit?

Heck yeah! 90% and more

As a volunteer, your life is busy with job and family then you factor in volunteering for your organization. Time is precious so let our platform help you reach the results you need for your time.



At Fundrazor, we believe you should make the most amount of profit. You do this simply by not over paying for your scratch cards.


The reason we can offer this savings is we don’t attach a sheet of worthless coupons. Most companies charge up to $20 for scratch cards with these attached coupons. Wouldn’t you rather save money upfront?


You don’t have to be a financial wizard to realize that saving money means more profit. By charging less, you can easily reach 90% profit and more with Fundrazor scratch cards.

Every day is BOGO at Fundrazor

Remember the “and more profit” part?

With the Fundrazor BOGO, you automatically earn 95% profit.

In your face fundraising competitors!

We dare someone to give you a better deal



bUY 100 GET 100 FREE!


First, one of the highest profit returns for any organized fundraiser.
Second, no products to deliver.

In no way shape or form is our scratch card considered or related to gambling.

It’s simply a fun way for people to donate to your non-profit cause.

It’s a common misconception that fundraising products can be shipped first then paid later.

Our scratch cards are just like any online purchase which is paid in advance before shipping.

Most people have the fundraiser completed before they receive their credit card statement.

PS: Purchasing our scratch cards is a great way to add points or rewards.


Shipping for your Fundrazor scratch cards is always FRRE and they are shipped using UPS or USPS priority mail.

When completed, each card will generate $100 in cash donations. Sometimes more when people tip or round up their donation.

1 Each scratch card has 50 “scratch off” places. Beneath the scratch off, a dollar amount will be revealed. The amounts range from $.50 to $3.00
2. Your participants will politely ask friends, neighbors and relatives if they would like to donate to your cause by “scratching off” a donation with a coin
3. When the scratch card is completely “scratched”, it will generate $100 in donations.
4. On the back side of the card,  keep track of the donations and turn in money to your group leader when completed.

Yes, since we have BOGO all the time, the minimum order is 25 scratch cards…which means you get 50 for the price of 25

$10 each but since everyday is BOGO, it factors to just $5 a scratch card. 

See your earning potential

FREE profit analysis

By requesting a FREE quote, we will accurately estimate your profit potential which can equal 3-4 x’s more profit using our products and services.