Cookie dough

Give your community something they will ask for again and again

Box of preformed pieces

The cookie dough fundraiser changed the industry over 20 years ago and it keeps getting better. 

Mom tested, kid approved

Take the convenience of premade cookie dough one step further with our boxes of pre-portioned dough pieces.

What moms like best is not having to wait for thawing to start baking cookies like with the tubs of dough.

With our box of pre-portioned cookie dough pieces, you can simply open the box and place them on the cookie sheet.

Cookie dough - pieces

Mom Tested, Kid Approved

Take the convenience of premade cookie dough one step further by letting package it for you with pre-formed pieces.

What mom’s like best is not having to wait until the tub thaws to start baking cookies.

With our box of pre-portioned/pre-formed cookie dough pieces, you can simply open the box and place on the cookie dough.


Most frequently asked questions about our cookie dough fundraiser

Unlike other fundraising products, our cookie dough provides a great value to your supporters.

And it’s actually a product that people want!

People love our cookie dough and your community will be asking for it again.

The main reason our cookie dough fundraiser is so popular is:

  • It’s free to start
  • No upfront inventory needed
  • No risk since you only order the amount you pre-sell

Please check out the next question.

Do we need freezers when it delivers?


Our cookie dough is safe when thawed and can easily be re-frozen without compromising taste or baking quality.

In fact, our cookie dough is safe when thawed up to 21 days in temps under 72 degrees.

This is a game changer for group leaders cause it eliminates the stress over freezer space when your order arrives.

Do we have to sort the orders?

No way!

Sorting and filling orders add additional stress to  your already busy life. You don’t need this negativity so we do it for you…for FREE.

With Fundrazor, all orders are sorted, filled and packaged for each seller before it leaves the factory. 


How much do we get?

The most popular question ever.

Let’s put it this way: “a chip-ton”.

Our profit structure is designed you can easily raise 50% profit and more with our bonuses.

The industry’s highest ever.

Our cookie dough tubs retail for $20 and our boxes with the pre-portioned dough pieces retails for $24

Does it cost to start?


It is absolutely free to start and you can begin fundraising immediately after signing up.

Who can do this?

Short answer.  Any youth non profit organization.

Below are examples of non profit organizations that are ideal candidates for our cookie dough :

  • little league baseball associations
  • youth football leagues
  • youth recreational soccer leagues
  • elementary schools and parent organizations
  • school bands
How long does it take?

 In as little as 4 weeks but in cases, 6 weeks.

Our recommended selling time is 2-3 weeks and 3-4 weeks for your order to be delivered.

Does this ship to home?

Yes, our ship to  home option is available with our online shopping experience. Pair this with either cookie dough brochure.

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